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Fremont-Mills Media Center

Scholastic Book Fair

Library/Media Center Mission Statement

  • To develop life-long learners and to encourage library users to explore all other types of libraries in their communities
  • To offer services and instruction which implement, support, and enrich the high school curriculum.
  • To provide quality materials and an environment that supports the individual, educational, and recreational reading needs of students and staff.



We have added many new fiction and nonfiction books. Browse the aisles and see what we have. If you need any help finding a particular book, please come to the circulation desk and we will be happy to help you. Have a suggestion for a new book? Let us know.  



AEA Online

Check out Iowa AEA Online at your Librarian for the user ID and password to connect. Here you will find magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias in English and Spanish, videos, photos and clipart. For the young student, EBSCO Searchasaurus contains sections on animals, art and music, health, history, people and places, science and math, sports and stories. This site is very user friendly.


Living the Knight Life

We have books that you can check out dealing with trust, respect, responsibility, being fair, caring and being a good citizen.



Find a "just right" book with the 5 finger rule!

  1. Choose a book and read the first page or two
  2. Put one finger up for every word you don't know
  3. If five of your fingers go up while reading, choose another book.
  4. If only two or three fingers go up, you've found a "just right" book. HAPPY READING!



RADCAB: Your Vehicle for Information Evaluation on the internet

  • R: Relevancy- is this information relevant to the question at hand?
  • A: Appropriateness - Is the information suitable for my age and core values? Will it help me answer my question?
  • D: Detail - How much information do I need? Is the depth of coverage adequate?
  • C: Currency - When was the information published or last updated?
  • A: Authority -Who is the author of the information? What are his or her qualifications?
  • B: Bias - Why was this information written? Was it written to inform me, persuade me, or sell me something?


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