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Paving the Way to Excellence!!!

F-M Sports Complex Committee


The FM Sports Complex Committee

         Was formed one year ago in order to study the sports facility needs at the Fremont-Mills School.

         This committee stepped out of the district needs and looked at the entire community while they prioritized and established the overall project plan.

         Most of the local organizations were represented on this committee, which proved to be a great asset.

A strong school is a reflection of a strong community that works together to achieve great things.

The committee determined the greatest need was a second gymnasium.

         A subcommittee was formed, and with your help, successfully passed the bond.

         Since then, the committee has submitted grant applications, using the bond as a matching source to enhance the gymnasium.

         The committee is attempting to create a community-centered fitness facility that can be used during out of school hours by the community.  If grant efforts are successful, the community will be extremely blessed with a facility to be used by all.

The committee would like to announce the kick-off of the Paving the Way to Excellence fund drive for the outdoor sports complex.

         The first phase of the project will be to install the new Carl Track. 

         In order to help accomplish this goal, in addition to the donation from the Ralph and Helen Carl Foundation, the committee will need raise $85,000.     

Thanks for your support and please remember that this project will benefit everyone.

By supporting Paving the Way to Excellence, a personally engraved brick will be placed in a prominent location at the new sports facility.

         This is a great opportunity to record your children, grandchildren, graduating class, business, or organization in history as we build the tradition of excellence together.

         Each brick will cost $250.00.

         Donations of $1000 or over have the option of individual brick pavers or one larger paver.

         Pledges under $1000 have one year to pay, $1000-$5,000 have two years and over $5,000 (Cornerstone Donors) have three years to pay.

         Pledges received will also be recognized each week in the Paving the Way to Excellence register that will be in the Tabor Beacon.

         If you have questions, please contact Steve Alley at 629-8018.

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